Новые технологии горно-шахтной автоматики

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Main CLC



Automated control system for belt conveyor
branched lines working in hazardous environment of coal mines.

Ease of maintenance
Self Diagnosis
Intrinsically safe circuits
Explosion-proof power supply


CLC is intended for:

Centralized automatic control of:

- Ramified and non ramified line with unlimited number of conveyors and routes

- Separate conveyor with multi-drive (4 independent engines and starttime control of each engine)

- Associated equipment  (gate, feeder, loader, etc.)

- Two-way telecommunication between dispatcher and placing post of conveyor’s control block

Automatic registration and preservation of information

- Conveyor and Associated equipment operation, control commands, protecting cutout and blocking of closed and protected database.


- Unlimited numbers of conveyors in line,
controlled by one control panel.
- Unlimited numbers of routs and branches of
conveyor line.
- Equipment state vizualisation and pointing to
causes of protection tripping and blocking
(address of every sensor had state changed
and time of this changes)
- Protected event log
- Simultaneous operation with another control
systems on same conveyor line (phased
implementation is available).
- Decrease downtime by informing staff about
the accident site.
- Reduce the probability of an accident.
- Increase belt life.
- Reduce the number of underground staff
handling due to the availability of complete and
accurate information on the work of the
process equipment.
- Self testing.
- Cost effective


Safety is secured

CLC is secured emergency release of line in case of need even in case of sticking starter contact

CLC is secured startup lockup of line even by directly starter contacting if a reason of shutdown is not removed

CLC is excluded combustion of line because of overheat in a places of line friction on drive pulley due to line slipping control

CLC controls prestarting signaling (alarm) working-off with the help of sound sensor

CLC prevents gumming due to control of pouring places

CLC signals about short circuit in line of communication with sensor


Also CLC secured

Control of drive pulley speed deviation of nominal speed
Control of prolonged start up
Control of spontaneous brake overlaying
Control of hydraulic coupling oil temperature
Control of tension roll end position
Control of water availability in fire sprinkler

CLC sends coded chime to call personnel to any route chosen by dispatcher

Using CLC on conveyor you may hang additional gauges to control additional parameters such as:
Combine state
Level monitoring of bin
Presence testing of barrier
State control of mine atmosphere

Usability and maintenance

CLC has been developed in response to peculiarities of mine maintenance personnel. CLC maintenance is very simple and clear it does not need special knowledge.

- CLC doesn’t need programming and personal settings for each conveyor
- Simple assembly
- Simple maintenance (repair is replacement of defective electronic module by new one)
- Lightweight (the heaviest block has 27 kg in weight)
- Simple and clear control console interface (even a person without special knowledge can make out and work with control console)
- Telecommunication between control console and conveyor’s control block
- Coded chime to any route chosen by dispatcher

CLC self-descriptiveness and cost-effectiveness

- CLC indicates on conveyor’s control block the address of went off gauge
- CLC informs a dispatcher about the reasons of shutdown (the dispatcher can see on mimic state changes of equipment) deciphered all information accurate within gauge and records all events to register
- Due to autodiagnostics system CLC can find and fast remove breakdowns
- All this features reduce considerably the time standing of equipment and thus reduce financial expenditures