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Pull rope emergency stop switch VD-2 220

Pull rope emergency stop switch VD-2 220

VD-2 switch provides emergency cutoff or local blocking of cargo-and-passenger conveyors start with automatic fixation in switched off position when the force applied to rope of pulling device is no more than 1 kg.

VD-2 switch is supplied together with pulling device (rope, springs, clips, suspension), which is responsible for switch response upon rope rupture.

One VD-2 switch is installed for 300 m of conveyor.




Protection level

IP 54

Possible vibrations

Frequency of 5 to 120 Hz, acceleration up to 30m/s2. Group of mechanical version М1

Number of commuted circuits, units


Contact voltage, V, no more than


Current through the contact, А, no more than

Dimensions without fastening and pulling elements, mm, no more than


Weight without fastening and pulling elements, kg, no more than


Service life, cycles, no less than

100 000


18 months from the day of commission, but no more than 24 month from shipment date

VD-1 electric scheme

General view

  • Distance between the switches installed on conveyors: up to 300 m;
  • Emergency indication and connection line diagnostics;
  • Rotary movement of the drive prevents rod jamming upon chippings pickup;
  • Interchangeability of details reaches 90% which ensures high repair capability.
  • Special fasteners for installation of VD-2 on conveyors with flexible (rope) stand.