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Main Products ASE-1

ASE-1 Acoustic signal equipment

Acoustic signaling equipment ASE-1

ASE-1 is designed for giving the acoustic signal (pre-start, emergency, informative) for
warning workers on the underground conveyors or other mining machinery.
Components of ASE-1 has got protected enclosures and circuits (ExdI, ExiaI) for usage
in hazardous environment of coal mines.


  • Cost effective;
  • Up to 15 buzzers can be connected to the same power source by one 4-wired cable.
  • Buzzers should be installed each 100m;
  • Low energy consumption (one buzzer consumes below 0.7 W);
  • Control for buzzers;
  • Every buzzer consist of two sound emitters 95 dB, directed in opposite directions;
  • Power supply of all buzzers is carried out on intrinsically safe circuit by two pairs of wires d=0.6mm;


Cable for buzzer connection: 4 wired mining cable with wire diameter no less then 0.6 mm and rubber isolator

Power supply ASEBuzzer