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Controller for reversive magnetic starter CS

Controller for reversive magnetic starter CS

Control panel for winch, scraper, loader, feeder etc. ExiaI.

is designed for automated control of mining mechanism equipped with a magnetic
starter. Can apply in hazardous environment of coal and ore mines.




CS coupled with ASE-1 are
- acoustic pre-start alarm preceding the launch of
the electric machine (like winch, monorail etc.);
- Local control of reversive magnetic starter of
engine. Start to forward or reverse direction.
- Operative stop by command from STOP button
- Emergency stop by command from sensors or
limit switches
- Emergency stop when circuit break or short
circuit of control lines is determined;
- Mutual interlock with any another mining control
- Coded acoustic signal by SIGNAL button;
- STOP button with fixed state for unintentional
start blocking.


- The buttons and indication
window are situated on the
cover of CS
- Indication of CS current state
by three color lights
- CS is small and low weight for
easy use
- Low energy consumption
(under 5 VA);
- CS is intrinsically safe
equipment and may use in
hazardous environment of coal
and ore mines;
- Up to 1500 m Input circuits
- The integrity of the circuits