Новые технологии горно-шахтной автоматики

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Main Products MVS Mining Video System


Mining Video System MVS

MVS Video monitoring for mining.

Cameras are designed for working in hazardous environment and without additional light source.

The system allows to collect and deliver video to surface by fiber optic. The information saved in system can be easy managed and has protected access.

MVS is consist of control panel, displays, video-adapter, video-cameras, video-switchboard and fiber-optic system.

To the system can be connected up to 30 explosion proof cameras.



MVS is designed for
hazardous environment of coal mines. Operate temperature from minus 40 to plus 50 Celsius. Relative humidity up to 100% (with 35C)
MVS allows realtime monitoring of operated equipment and working staff.
MVS allows to automate the control a human presence in dangerous areas.
MVS allows to store and analyse of video-information more then last 12 hours.
MVS is consist of Video-cameras (VC), Video-adapters (AVC), Optic Switches (OS), Video-Server (VS) and cable set.

Up to 30 Video-cameras can be plugged to the same Server;
Up to 2 Video-cameras can be plugged to the same AVC


- Up to 20 km distance from Video-Server to the first AVC;
- IP videocameras with infrared light in explosion proof enclosure, environmental protected;
- Availability control traffic in a certain area of the camera view with the ability to start recording event;
- The transmission of information over fiber (provides a simple means of switching and recovery Fibre Channel) - excludes the negative impact of interference and provides high bandwidth communication channels;
- The distributed architecture of the system enables savings of cables and wires. Copper cable is only needed for switching cameras with an adapter, which is in close proximity to the camera. Sami through a fiber-optic bus adapters broadcast information on the switching cabinet;
- Remote monitoring - the ability to broadcast video via the Internet to remote workstations;
- Protected access to information;
- Hi - High reliability and maintainability of the equipment;
- The complete system comes with a set of tools and materials for the repair of fiber optic cable in the mine.