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Main Products VD Switches

VD switches

VD switches

Intrinsically safe Emergency conveyor’s switchers type VD

Pull rope switch VD-1

Pull rope switch VD-2

Belt misalignment switch VD-3


VD switches (specification 31.2-25521020-001:2005), are intended for emergency shutdown of conveyor. There are pull Rope Switchers (Types VD1 and VD2) and Belt Misalignment Switch (Type VD3) this switchers are used in mine automatics, cement industry (plants, quarries) and agricultural industry (grain elevator)

VD switches advantages

- High-impact plastic casing
- Rope force action is not exceeding 1.5 kg (VD2)
- The distance between switchers is up to 300m (VD2)
- Breakdown indication and diagnostics of connection line
- 2 independent switchers (commutation of two independent rows is possible)
- Driver rotary motion prevents rod jamming (because of slack pickup)
- МВ 220 switches is intend for 220v

Pull rope switch

Pull rope switch with high sensitivity

Belt misalignment switch